Photography soothes my soul while highlighting the souls of others. For better for worse I capture personality. I made this site to give these photos to whom they belong - the people in them.

Ok, here's what I've come up with. Scott and I sat and talked about the photography and it was all good till I got to the 100% to charity part. He felt sudden pity for my Econ Professor at ASU. He asked why I chose that number as opposed to even 70 or 65% to charity not to mention the "10% to charity" thing mentioned in a famous book. I love photography so I don't feel as if taking money is fair when I can help other people).

Soooo..... we've talked and compromised at a happy 50% of a profit directly controlled by what projects I can get. ALL candid portrait work I do for people pay 100% to charity (not including scenic shots I get - just your family). And all art/scenic shots are sold for profit (so i can afford to more charity - see?). Will print each photo once and not again. Signed and hopefully, as soon as possible, framed in all reclaimed materials (minus the ones I choose to sell as unframed prints). There is a learning curve on this one, so one step at the time. Anything in the featured section is for sale minus anything of the kids (unless the parent give permission and no close up shots of the kids for sale cause that's just creepy). So. Now to try to figure out what my Econ Professor was telling me about keep records and such.

People I will not hesitate to photograph for free to the best of my ability:

Lincoln Charter School
Anyone who has ALS and their families
Terminally ill who need peaceful happy memories.

I will work to capture the joy wrapped up in painful events.